4-Hours BDI/TCAC

about driving program

If you have a Florida Driver’s license or you received a ticket in Florida, then the 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course is for you! By taking the class, you will not receive any points on your record for the current violation, your insurance will not increase as long as there is no accident associated with the ticket, and your safe driver status will be maintained.

The 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement (B.D.I.) course may be completed Online, by DVD, or in the classroom.

The 4 hour B.D.I. is required by the Department of Highway safety and motor vehicles for anyone who receives a moving violation and elects the option to attend traffic school in order to avoids points being assessed on their driving record.

This course is usually ordered by the Court. This is for those who:
  • Have received multiple citations
  • Have committed serious traffic violations
  • Have been involved in multiple collisions

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