12-Hours ADI


about driving program

This 12-hour course is usually taken by drivers with excessive points or by drivers with a revoked or suspended license. (There is no relation to DUI courses). If your license is about to be suspended or is already suspended, a judge may authorize you to take this course. If you already have a suspended license, taking this course could be applied as a license to hardship, which allows you to drive to and from your home and work. This course enlightens students in discovering how their attitudes towards time management, stress, anger management, the driving environment, and individual personality traits all play a part in their driving behavior.

Enrollment in this course is required to retrieve license per S. 322.291. f. S. If you have any questions or need to register for a Live Advanced Driver Improvement, please contact the FLEX Traffic School. If you require assistance for an Online Class, contact the National Traffic Safety Institutes Technical Support Center at (888) 312-6874.

This course is usually ordered by the Court. This is for those who:
  • Have received multiple citations
  • Have committed serious traffic violations
  • Have been involved in multiple collisions

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